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EHJ Open Letter of Introduction: David Burke

Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you to a new year at ISM and the many exciting possibilities of life in Manila. I hope the summer vacation was enjoyable and your son/daughter is ready for the action of our highly charged academic program. My name is David Burke, and I am originally from Toronto, Canada, but have taught in China, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan as well as in my home country. I have extensive experience teaching English at various levels and am excited about bringing my expertise and excitement to a new year with my classes in grade 8 English, Honors English, and Journalism.

I believe that the classroom should be an exciting, challenging, and social place where students can make connections to the world beyond our walls. Students must be engaged and engaging; hopefully, my love of learning and my need to ‘find out’ will inspire them. I also encourage you, as parents, to participate in this learning experience; please come in and witness the educational experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or insights, as communication is the key to a positive relationship between teachers and parents. This year I will be using my blog to keep you informed on what is going on in the classroom; please go to ISM on-line to see our coursework, updates, handouts, and celebrations of student work.

I can be reached at the school number or by email at burked@ismanila.org.