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Week 5 in English

Key questions for this week:

What do you want to tell your reader?
What is the author’s intent for each short story we read?

Weekly Overview:
We will continue to read our short stories this week; in fact, we will focus on The Dinner Party. Early, we will review the 7 metacognitive reading strategies; students need to be able to define them, give examples from their short story reading, and use them as they start new readings.
We have 2 quizzes scheduled in the next few weeks: On Monday/Tuesday, September 8-9, we will have a quiz on the definitions and applications of the metacognitive reading strategies. On September 18-19, we will have our second quiz on our shared and expanded literary terms.
It is vital to remember that our Story Tracker Sheets are the best way to review for these 2 quizzes along with the Literary Terms Review Sheet.

Writer’s Workshop:
All students need to be reminded that it is your responsibility to do a little writing in your WW notebook every night. Expand out your small moments. This week we will choose 1 of these moments and start to expand it with the structures of writing (description, action, dialogue and introspection)

Performance Task Quarter 1: Memoir
The assignment description and rubric will be published later this week on the blog and in the students’ googledrives.

Open House

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming to open house on Wednesday evening; it was an energetic and informative night for me. Please email me if you have any questions about our class, or if you need to meet, email me. I am happy to talk shop on reading and writing.

My blog is in transition, but I will be updating weekly on what we are doing and ways that you, as parents, can support your sons or daughters as readers and writers.

All the best, and I hope to hear from you soon.


David Burke

EH Week 3 Transformation (November 4-8)

Welcome back from your autumnal break- I hope everyone is recharged and ready to go.

We have only 6 weeks until the end of semester- and many things to do. Here is a simple list of the larger assignments and due dates for the remainder of our time with Transformation:

Task 1: Creating a ‘Things Poetic’ Scrapbook *DUE DECEMBER 12-13*
Ongoing through the quarter, you will create your own collection of things poetic; your goal is to create and collective transformative pieces that deal with change (personal, societal, world).

Task 2: Research Brainframe *DUE NOVEMBER 14-15*
You will research one important poet of your choice. Your research article will be worked on throughout the quarter and completed by the assigned due date. It will be published in your poetic scrapbook as well.

Task 3: Looking at Poetry from Three Sides *DUE NOVEMBER 28-29*
You will analyze one of your poet’s pieces that best represents his or her contribution to change (personal, societal, world). This analysis will become a part of your scrapbook.

Task 4: Transformative Performance *DUE DECEMBER 10-11*
You will use your research and poetry analysis to create a transformative presentation on your poem and poet. You will have a choice board to select your approach to poetic transformation so that you can display personal, societal, and/or world transformation.


EH Starting the Year in Grade 8 English

I would like to welcome all of my grade 8 students and parents to a new year at ISM. There have been many questions about schedules, reading, homework, seating arrangements… and much more. I will try to keep you up to date on what we are doing -and when- by using this blog as our prime source of information. Some other key things you should know:

1. My email address is burked@ismanila.org. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about our classes or upcoming assignments.

2. This blog should give you updates on the details of our work this year; it is important to check it regularly. To help parents in the Parent Portal, I will designate posts as E (Grade 8 English) H (Honors) or J (Journalism). EH will be a combination of regular and honors English, and these letters will pop up in the title for quick indentification.

3. We will try to be as paperless as possible this year; therefore, many readings will be handed out ‘electronicially’ (as in the case of some of our short stories in the first semester) Student will be able to retrieve readings, asignment sheets and notes from their school googledoc accounts. If you lose a paper handout you can go to your computer and print a new one!

4. Please check your school email address regularly-important information may be sent there!

5. I will have a more detailed schedule for our first quarter’s studies later this week. Just in case you are unsure, we are starting the year looking at Systems with our focus on short story/memoir reading, writing, and structures. There is much more to come.

6. Finally, for parents, I look forward to meeting you at the open house on August 20, 2013.

I am looking forward to a great year.

David Burke