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EH Finish of First Week and Open House

The first week is finished- congratulations on making it through! Life in the MS English classroom will start to ramp up over the next few weeks as we explore the systems of reading and writing. We will have a few areas of focus this quarter that include a study of personal short stories and memoirs, writing small moments, and developing our own memoirs for a literary lunch to come at the end of the quarter.

Items to look out for in the coming week:
* Tuesday, August 20 from 5-7:30 is open house in the middle school; the office has sent details about the evening. I hope to see you on this relaxed evening.
* Where I’m From: students will be working on their versions of this poem. Please take a look because their end products reveal a great deal about how they see themselves and their families. An eye opening experience for every parent.
* Homework planners: Parents, please take a look at your son or daughter’s planner. This may be just one way that we can communicate and it is also good that you know what is going on in your favourite student’s academic life.
* My Blog: this will be the source for most information over this school year- students and parents alike are invited to check in out on a regular basis.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns about regular and honors English as well as the advisory and journalism programs.

EHJ Open Letter of Introduction: David Burke

Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you to a new year at ISM and the many exciting possibilities of life in Manila. I hope the summer vacation was enjoyable and your son/daughter is ready for the action of our highly charged academic program. My name is David Burke, and I am originally from Toronto, Canada, but have taught in China, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan as well as in my home country. I have extensive experience teaching English at various levels and am excited about bringing my expertise and excitement to a new year with my classes in grade 8 English, Honors English, and Journalism.

I believe that the classroom should be an exciting, challenging, and social place where students can make connections to the world beyond our walls. Students must be engaged and engaging; hopefully, my love of learning and my need to ‘find out’ will inspire them. I also encourage you, as parents, to participate in this learning experience; please come in and witness the educational experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or insights, as communication is the key to a positive relationship between teachers and parents. This year I will be using my blog to keep you informed on what is going on in the classroom; please go to ISM on-line to see our coursework, updates, handouts, and celebrations of student work.

I can be reached at the school number or by email at