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A New Quarter: Transformations

Welcome to the second quarter of grade 8. Our overarching concept for this quarter within all of our core subjects will be transformations.

In English class we will explore the transformative power of words and how they can change their own meanings, and our minds.  We will be looking through the lens of poetry to try to capture the power of words.

I will repost our assessments for this quarter to remind you of just what is going on.

Important Nuts and Bolts Issues: 

The parent-teacher interviews have been advertised and will be held next week, (October 20-21). I have spoken to a few parents who could not book appointments because all of the slots being filled- I apologize for this, but this is what happens when we have to limit the time so it doesn’t impact teaching time.

If you did not get a time with me, please feel free to contact Ms Susan in the MS office, and we can arrange another time that can work for you.  Please go through Ms Susan, and not me, because she is in control of the master schedule and can ensure that we get the time right. I feel strongly about trying to meet everyone and I hope that we can do this before the autumn holiday hits.

I look forward to getting together with you and talking about how your child is learning.

E Week 5 Reading and Writing

This week in Grade 8 English:

We will focus on the short story by Tellez entitled Just Lather, That’s All. We will spend class time examining the relationships between point of view, character development, plot vs conflict and setting.
Student are expected to read and print off this story from their shared English folder- make sure that the printout is brought to class.

We will continue with our small moments development. each student is expected to write at home for approximately 20 minutes per evening on the detail building or completing of a number of small moments (SM) about a variety of their life experiences. By the end of this week, every student should have a minimum of 1 SM in a first draft form while some students may be working on their 2nd or 3rd.
Some of the approaches to the writer workshop that will be expanded this week include:

* character chart inserts
* description Wheels
* expression subbing/Expanding

Notes about how these ideas work will be a part of our classes and notes this week.

Work to Be Handed Back:

Student will be getting personal poems, Lit Terms and Reading Life Forms back this week. More information will be coming on the quarter ending assessment piece and Lit Terms quiz as well.

EH Visiting Writers Week

As our Librarian, Ms Parry, wrote to you earlier in the quarter-

We have 3 New York Times Bestselling authors visiting ISM on September 12th! Through a special arrangement with National Books, on September 12th, 2013, our 8th and 9th graders will have the opportunity to listen to, and engage with:

Margaret Stohl- featured book- Icons #1 of the series-
Alison Noel- featured book- Mystic #3 of the series-
Melissa De La Cruz- featured book- Frozen #1 of the series-

These writers of Young Adult fiction will discuss their motivation and inspiration for writing, as well as answer questions during an assembly on 12 September from 7:45 am until 8:45 am. The targeted audience age group for these dystopian fiction novels is from upper Middle School through High School age. Some of the books deal with more mature ideas and concepts. National Books has copies of all of these, and there are limited copies available in the MS and HS Media Centers for pre-reading. National Books will also be selling pre-signed copies of their latest publications during the day of the assembly, plus copies of some of the authors’ other titles at a 20% discounted rate!

This visit by 3 up and coming young adult fiction writers is a great opportunity for every student to explore his or her own desire to be a better writer. We will be spending our Thursday morning (G Block) with these writers in the FAT, where they will talk to us about what inspires them to write, how they started writing, and what they see as the future of writing.

If you would like to sit in during this session, please feel free to join us in the FAT at 7:45 on Thursday morning.