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New Year (2015), New Quarter (3), New Concept (Power)

Welcome to 2015! This is an update of our schedule for the third quarter.

Our defining concept for this quarter is POWER with our essential questions numbering only 3:
1. What is power?
2. How is power distributed, shared and limited?
3. How is power both beneficial and harmful?

Please find attached to this email our quarterly syllabus. As well, The assessment plan for the quarter will be published here today as well.

Let me know if you have any questions about our final stretch of the school year; Grade 8 is accelerating to an exciting close!

David Burke

Q3 English Schedule 2015

EH Upcoming Due Dates

Major assessments for this quarter:

Small Moment writing assignment due Friday, September 27 by 3 pm
Test on Literary Terms and the application of these ideas on October 3-4 (last class of the week)
Memoir Writing final draft due Friday October 11 by 3 pm

There will be smaller assignments as well and these due dates will be published and posted as soon as they come up.

Due dates will be put on the Grade 8 assignment calendar.

EH Week 1: Aug 12-16 Grade 8 English

This is a posting for both Mainstream and Honors English classes. At the beginning of each week you should be able to get a quick overview of the upcoming week on my blog. I will include the following on this posting:

* Assignment due dates
* Copies of handouts
* Important announcements
* Syllabi/ curriculum calendars
* Background documents/recommendations on reading and writing

I like to use this blog to keep students and parents informed about what is happening in our class.

I encourage you to come back to this blog regularly for my updates- and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


David Burke
Grade 8 English teacher (Mainstream and Honors)
Middle School English Program Leader