2 Weeks to Go

The second quarter is quickly coming to a close; of the three major tasks for this academic session, two of them are now complete.  The Poetic Brain Frame has been assessed and handed back while the Poet Research Essay has today for a deadline.

We will spend the remainder of the quarter working on our Poetry Scrapbooks.  We will continue to focus on “words and phrases of great power” as the starting point of our poetic studies. Each class from this point will start with a poetry activity, which will then be followed by class time for scrapbook work.

Please take the time to review your son or daughter’s scrapbook. No two scrapbook should look the same, but there is a list of requirements that have to be met with the assignment. (shared in the googledrive) Our goal is to demonstrate a layered understanding of poetry through the use of varied text types and approaches to each page.  For example, a student may introduce a new poem on a page, then layer background information, interpretation, a drawing and some connected thinking or other poems on this page.

As discussed in class, we hope different kinds of poetry will get a student to stop and ponder for awhile- to think deeply about the layers of meaning within the poem.


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