Task 1: Research Brain Frame   

Task Overview:

We will review the steps to complete  research on your chosen poet and poem.   You will research your poet’s life and achievements to see how he or she is connected to transformation; how has  your poet had a transformative effect on you, society, and/or culture.  You will collect information and then create a large size (A3) brain frame that demonstrates your understanding of the poet.  You will use your metacognitive reading skills to achieve a deep understanding of the poet’s achievements while demonstrating your research skills.


  • Follow the brain frame rules reviewed in class
  • A4 paper can be used to supplement your central A3 sheet, but only if it is directly attached to the A3 and is not attached to any other A4 sheets.
  • Title, date, name, block needed

Due Date: Friday, November 14 at 3pm.



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